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What is a Street Team?

A Street Team is a group of neighbours who come together to support each other and connect. 


It’s being a neighbour

At any time in our lives, each of us could be someone who gives help or someone who needs help. A Street Team starts as a point of connection and becomes a way for us to get to know each other, help each other out and build a network of neighbours. 

It's very local

Street Teams encourages you to focus on the people in your immediate area - your street or block, 20 households or so. It’s easier to notice those doing it tough and to connect at this scale. Being close by makes helping more practical!

It's open to everyone

A Street Team extends the invitation to everyone in your street. Of course, not everyone will want to join in and that’s totally fine! Some people might want to be actively involved and some may just want to connect to get to know people and that's fine too. Sometimes the people who need the most help are the least likely to ask, so getting to know each other is a good first step towards noticing ways to give each other a hand.

It turns connection to action

Once you've met the people in your street, your Street Team will find ways to come together and support each other. You might do things like:

  • Organise fun activities in your street 

  • Get communal resources going - maybe a herb garden for all to pick from?

  • Check in on people who live alone, especially older people who might need some help or a friendly face to pop in for a cuppa 

  • Help neighbours by sharing skills and tools, providing tech support or dog walking 

  • Make meals to share with neighbours, especially if you notice someone who would appreciate a home cooked meal and a chat

  • Share recommendations for local resources (the GP you love, the local kindy, the best restaurants on the strip, where to recycle difficult items) 

  • Help out with verge replanting and other projects

Who is running all of this?

You are! But we are here to help, providing resources and encouragement so that you and your Street Team can revive that village feeling in your Carlisle street. 

And who are we? The Vic Park Community Centre is a small non-profit organisation that has operated out of the Leisurelife complex since 1993. Like so many centres, we are adapting to changes in our communities - we've hosted many a playgroup in the past and we have 2 rooms for hire, but we realise that now the power of community is on the street. So we're coming out of our centre to meet you on your street to make the connection happen. 

The Street Teams initiative was created by Chorus, a local community organisation that believes in activating local communities to provide connections and informal care. 

Carlisle Street Teams will support you and your team with resources, helpful tips and a Facebook group where you can connect with other Street Teams to share ideas and keep each other motivated. We want to make Western Australia a more caring place to live, one street at a time, starting right here in Carlisle. 

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