Street Team Resources

Before downloading the resources, we'd love you to register your Street Team so you can join our Facebook group and connect with other Street Teamers from all over.

These resources are here to give you a head start - but you might have some amazing ones of your own - share them with us on Facebook

Street Team Starter Pack

Printable Connection Cards


Things your street team can do

Organise fun things in your street and neighbourhood

Get communal resources going, like a herb garden for all to pick from

Check in on people who live alone, especially older people 

Help neighbours by sharing skills and tools, providing tech support or dog walking 

Make meals to share with your neighbours, especially if you notice someone doing it tough or an elderly neighbour who might appreciate a home cooked meal and a chat

Share recommendations for local resources (the GP you love, the local kindy, the best meal on the strip, where to recycle difficult items)

Help others with verge replanting and other projects

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